Performance Tuning

How fast your page loads and how it has been optimized it for both Desktop and Mobile Display is critical to the user experience and your Search Engine Rankings.

Before you invest money into marketing and driving traffic to your website, we recommend you invest into how well your website performs. Unbeknownst to you, your website may contain scripting errors or other issues that directly impact the loading time of your website.

Tidying up your webpage code is where it starts. Next, we leverage a suite of technologies and approaches like Minify, GZIP, Caching, CDN. A comprehensive approach is what’s required to properly tune your website.

Because we are developers first and Internet marketers second, we understand how important your website foundation is. Ultimately, how well you are optimized can have a direct impact on what the search engines charge you for marketing products like Google AdWords.


Web Host

Not all hosting providers offer the same level of service or performance. In fact, whom you choose can make your website up to 300% slower. Be in great hands with our industry leading partners.

Optimized Images

One of the most fundamental and common mistakes we regularly encounter are un-optimized images. Website images must be purpose-built and optimized for fast loading.

Optimized HTML, JS, CSS

There are a lot moving parts behind the scene of today’s modern, dynamically driven websites. Leveraging Minify, Compression, and Caching are fundamental for a website to compete for free organic search traffic.

Website Caching

Caching is foundationally critical to improving the performance of any dynamic websites. Every website we build comes with caching because we know how important it is, even if you do not.

Testing Tools

We use a handful of commonly used tools including those published by Google, Yahoo, and Bing to evaluate your website performance. From what we learn, we make the necessary adjustments to maximize the performance of your website.

Why choose Los Angeles Internet Marketing Agency for your project...

  • Free Consultation

    Los Angeles Internet Marketing Agency never charges for WordPress Management Consultations.

  • We learned the hard way

    It took a lot of tuning, testing, practice, and Googling to learn how to optimize our website. When it comes to WordPress, Joomla, or Static websites, we know we’re doing.

  • Trustworthy

    When you work with us, you are working with people that authentically care about your web presence. It is your website, your host, your domain, and we will never compromise your business interests.

  • Webmaster Services

    Our Monthly Management Service is designed to keep your website optimized and loading fast at all times. We also handle your security, and backups so you can have peace of mind.

  • Hourly or Retainer

    We are available at an hourly rate with a 1-Hour minimum and then 15-Minute Increments.

Tell us about your project and we will tell you what we think, all for free!

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