Vectorize Artwork

Showing your business in the proper spotlight is often the difference between acquiring a customer or losing a customer. One of the more common design problems that we run into is poor quality logo’s and illustrated files.

The quality and crispness of your print materials depends on your Logo and Illustrated Artwork being in Vector format.  Typically, Vector Files will be one of these more common types of files: Illustrator, Corel Draw, EPS, PS, SVG, or PDF.

Our toolbox is stacked full of the tools needed to take your low-resolution files and recreate them from scratch into a high-quality Vector file.

Not everything can be Vector, and when it cannot, we will let you know.  We are Photoshop experts too, so it only a bump in the road!

Why choose Los Angeles Internet Marketing Agency for your project...

  • Free Consultation

    Los Angeles Internet Marketing Agency never charges for Logo & Brand Development Consultations.

  • Art is a life focus

    Our founder’s wife and lead graphic designer at Los Angeles Internet Marketing Agency has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine arts and Advertising. If you catch Clen in a moment of downtime, she is likely drawing, taking photos, or crafting something from scratch.

  • Software Experts

    We maintain active Adobe Creative Cloud licenses for all workstation and laptops and have access to the complete suite of graphic and motion design software. While we have not mastered them all, we have mastered Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Acrobat which enables us to create almost anything you may need.

  • Mixed Medium from Print to Embroidery

    Our extensive experience includes Business Cards, Brochures, Tri-Folds, Folders, Mailers, Envelopes, Letterhead, Tradeshow Displays, Promotional Products, Vehicle Wraps, Screen Print, Embroidery, and more.

  • Brand Guide

    Your brand represents a series of choices from choosing a font, picking colors, and crafting your message; it is imperative that your brand is always properly represented when used. When you hire us to develop your brand, you will also receive a brand guide that details colors, sizing, fonts, and implementation rules.

Tell us about your project and we will tell you what we think, all for free!


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