Strategic Planning & Consulting

An important trait that every successful Business Owner has mastered is Planning. To understand this is to understand that your Internet Presence needs a plan too!

Our team has been creating websites since 1995 and thoroughly understands how to create a plan that executes and delivers your vision and business goals. We have witnessed first-hand businesses making Millions of Dollars from Crowdsourced Projects to successful business people spending $10 Million Dollars and having nothing to show for it but 30 MacBook Pro computers.

Ultimately, there is no Golden Ticket, Silver Bullet, or Genie Lamp. Planning takes focused, ontological work that enables your vision to be articulated and put into words on paper and then into action.

Working from this foundation, we can begin to evaluate and understand your Content Strategy, Technology Needs, Creative Direction, and the kind of team needed to deliver upon this vision.


Market Research

Having the privilege to be trained by a former JPL Data Analyst, we are very creative in learning about and discovering valuable insights into your customers and your business. We’re capable of delivering your research findings in a PDF Report, PowerPoint, the format of your choice.

Competative Analysis

Understanding how your competition is marketing online increases your chance to compete or exceed them successfully. We are confident that we will uncover useful information that shapes your online marketing strategy.

Content Strategy

With an estimated 2 billion websites online, crafting a unique message is more challenging than ever. Our team and associates are ready to help you make your message unique, clear, and actionable.

Wireframes & Mockups

While most business owners have a vision for how things should look and work, it does not always translate into an actionable website. We will work with you to create Wireframes and ultimately Photoshop Mockups which set the foundation for an actionable website that fulfills your vision.


The variety of programming languages available today has created a landscape in which it is challenging to choose what technology is best for you. We have built relationships with incredibly bright programmers and designers that are capable of consulting or working on ANY scale project from Small Scale to the Enterprise level.

Why choose Los Angeles Internet Marketing Agency for your project...

  • Free Consultation

    Los Angeles Internet Marketing Agency never charges for Strategic Planning Consultations.

  • We listen because it matters

    After all, this is your dream, your vision, and your business. How can we make any recommendations if we do not thoroughly understand what outcome you are committed to creating.

  • We deliver insights

    Our research will shed light on the wanted knowledge that enables you to make and execute your business decisions.

  • What we can research

    Online Technology Usage, Website Traffic, Social Media Trends, Search Trends, E-Commerce Trends, Search Trends, Business Financials, Taxonomies, and a lot more!

  • Making the data pretty

    We will deliver your data however you want it. Word Doc, PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, with charts, without charts, or even branded with your logo. Just tell us how you want your research delivered, and we will do the rest.

Tell us about your project and we will tell you what we think, all for free!

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