Search Engine Optimization

You have heard about it, and you might have even bought into it, any way you slice it, Search Engine Optimization is foundationally critical, and then it is bankrupt.

On many occasions, we have referred to “Search Engine Optimization” the “Snake Oil Sales” part of our industry. Simply put, most of our customers that have purchase on-going SEO Services from our competition do not see measurable results. What is not surprising is that for the most part, no real world, human involved work is being completed.

Every website needs Unique Copy, Optimized HTML & Images, Mobile Optimized, SSL, Fast Hosting, and the stars to align to have a foundationally solid SEO Optimized website. While this is not quite set it and forget it, once properly setup, it only needs to be reviewed on an annual basis barring any major changes to the search engines.

So, where should your monthly marketing money go? First and foremost, your content strategy is key and creating content is the only way to become an Online Expert in your field. Then it becomes about where to put your content. In your blog? Social Media? Perhaps YouTube? Ultimately, each Business Owner drives the Content Strategy and Marketing Budget, and this is where Los Angeles Internet Marketing Agency excels.


Why choose Los Angeles Internet Marketing Agency for your project...

  • Free Consultation

    Los Angeles Internet Marketing Agency never charges for Search Engine Optimization Consultations.

  • Trustworthy

    We are honest and pre-qualify all work that we commit to because the success of your business directly impacts the success of our business. Being trustworthy is what our customers have come to rely on and why they keep coming back.

  • Nobody can guarantee ANYTHING!

    The most overused sales pitch is “I will get your company on Page 1 of Google”. Consider that this is a promise that nobody can keep.

  • Why your Content Strategy matters?

    Los Angeles Internet Marketing Agency understands people and why your content strategy is the key to connecting with your customers on a more personal and emotional level.

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