Oops, did I publish that URL to the search engines?

Micah KritzmanNews

Have you ever created website content that you intended to be private? While this is not an uncommon practice as we secure all kinds of client content including private customer portals, staff portals, or even sales sheets.

While humans generally have good intentions with our actions, sometimes we make mistakes.

A client recently called us because they added a new prospective client to their CRM which automatically publishes to their website. By accident, the “Prospective Client” got marked as an “Active Client.”

Within a few days, the search engines had cataloged the new URL which caused the prospective client to be upset. And then my phone ring…

“Micah, we messed up, and this person is livid with us. Is there a way to have the search engines remove the URL?” My reply was simple, yes. I could hear the instant sigh of relief of the other end of the line.

Within a short time of calling me, I had submitted requests to Google, Yahoo, and Bing to remove the offending URL from their search database. Also, I emailed my client screenshots of the removal requests to forward to their prospective client.

While I am out networking in my business community, I am always telling people that I am my client “Safety Net.” I took over maintaining this website for my client; I didn’t build it. When I first got involved with this client, I configured Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and Yahoo / Bing Webmaster tools for free. I didn’t need their money; I needed to make sure that when a problem happened, I was equipped to solve it.

If you don’t have a safety net with your online presence, call us today 818-885-1564 or email us info@lainternet.biz.