It’s NOT Rocket Science!

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Building a website is not Rocket Science…  It is not even Computer Science… It is about Business Science…

Okay, perhaps we are overstating our thought a bit however it is important to understand that building your website simply comes down to a set of repeatable processes.  Before I continue, I would like to clarify that I am referring to the average website that the average business needs.  If you are Amazon, then yes, it is about Rocket Science, literally! Not to mention Computer Science, Business Science, and many other scientific disciplines.

Getting back on track, I realized a long time ago that business owners, for the most part, have no clue what it takes to build a website.  Sure, there are those of you who have tried and failed or tried and succeeded, but you are not the majority.  I set out to educate people, so I created a workshop named “Effective Tools to Built & Market your Website.” and set out to lead it to as many people as I could.  Through the generosity of and, I led that workshop to over an estimated 5,000 Entrepreneurs and Small Business Startups.

The message was quite simple, get yourself educated on what you will need to provide your developer to enable them to build your website. The more prepared you are, the better the price and faster the build.

Here is a short list of items that you will want to think about.

  • Content
    • You have two choices when it comes to content, write it or hire a copywriter. Regardless of which pathway you choose, your involvement will be required, just a lot less with the copywriter.
  • Vector Logo Files
    • These files enable us to properly size your logo to whatever specification is needed regardless if used on your website or another print medium.
  • Website Hosting
    • You need to choose as to who will host your websites and your emails. Even if you do not want to know what a Host is, this is a critical piece of your infrastructure that every business owner must be responsible for.
  • Keys to the kingdom
    • Maintain a complete and current list of Usernames, Passwords, and the respective Website Name and URLs.
  • Be accessible
    • Nothing delays a project more than non-responsive customers. Your developer needs your attention to make speedy business decisions enabling us to keep our committed deadlines.  Be sure to send all copy, pictures, access information, or anything else that’s needed ahead of time; you might get surprised and get your project done early!
  • Do your homework
    • Look at and evaluate your competition online, from the website to their social media, to how they have built their profiles on Social Media and other websites like a Chamber of Commerce. The more you understand your competition, the better your odds are to out-shine them.

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Is the founder of Los Angeles Internet Marketing Agency and has spent his entire professional career building business websites. Having launched his first website in 1995 for his parent’s business, he began his journey of investing time and educating himself on this thing few people believed in the Internet. Today, Micah continues to push the envelope for what is possible for his business, customers, life, and family.